Why privately owned rest home is a better choice

Why privately owned rest home is a better choice then big cooperative homes

Once upon a time, there was a kind-hearted woman named Sarah. Sarah had a passion for helping the elderly, and she dreamed of opening her own rest home where she could provide the best care possible for her residents.

After years of hard work and dedication, Sarah finally achieved her dream and opened her own privately owned rest home. She carefully selected each member of her staff, ensuring they shared her passion for providing exceptional care to the elderly.

Sarah’s rest home was small, with only 20 residents, but it was cozy and inviting. The residents felt like they were part of a family and received individualized attention and care. Sarah knew each resident by name, and she would spend hours listening to their stories, playing games, and engaging in activities with them.

One day, Sarah received an offer from a big cooperative rest home to buy her business. They promised to keep the staff and maintain the quality of care provided to the residents. Sarah was tempted by the offer, but she ultimately decided to decline it. She knew that a big cooperative rest home would prioritize profits over care, and she didn’t want to risk compromising the well-being of her residents.

Several years later, Sarah’s decision was validated when a scandal broke out at the big cooperative rest home. The staff was overworked and underpaid, and the quality of care suffered. The residents were neglected, and some even suffered injuries due to lack of attention.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s rest home continued to thrive. The staff was happy, and the residents were content. Sarah’s personalized approach to care continued to be a success, and her rest home became a model for other small, privately owned rest homes.

In the end, Sarah’s decision to keep her rest home privately owned proved to be the best choice. She knew that the needs of her residents came first, and she refused to compromise on the quality of care provided. Her dedication and commitment to the well-being of the elderly were an inspiration to all those who knew her.

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